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Is There A Free Trial Available?

Yes! Nudgify offers a 7-day Free Trial. You can only sign up for one and, after that, you will have to pick a paid plan to access the app. Start your Free Trial

What Is Included In The Free Trial?

The trial includes all the features that the Genius plan provides. This includes:

Over the 7-day period, you can add unlimited websites, but are limited to 20,000 Unique Visitors.

What Happens When My Free Trial Ends?

When you’ve reached the limit for Unique Visitors, or your 7-day trial is over, your account will simply become inactive. You will NOT be automatically subscribed or transferred to a plan.

If you decide to pick a plan, you will be able to activate the Nudges you created during your free trial. You will also have access to the data you gathered from this period.

Updated on March 23, 2021

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