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How Are Recent Events Displayed?

Recent Activity Nudges display the whowhere, what, and when for your website. The Nudge in the example below displays that David from London bought a Kensington I watch.


Nudgify offers the option to display the ‘who’ with a name or a number, or to keep it anonymous.


Nudgify uses Geolocation to localize the Nudge.


The ‘what’ is automatically collected by your integration(s). It can be the purchase of a product or service (WordPress integration), a subscription to a plan (Stripe integration), or a subscription to a newsletter (Mailchimp integration).

Showing When An Event Occurred

Recent Activity Nudges display in the right upper corner how long ago the event took place. This can be in seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Nudgify always rounds down and only shows the time in one unit. For example, when an event took place 1 minute and 10 seconds ago, Nudgify will display ‘1 min ago’, not ‘1 min and 10 sec ago’. And when an event took place 1 day and 20 hours ago, Nudgify will display ‘1 day ago’. Recent Activity Nudges of events that took place more than 6 days ago, simply say ‘recently’.

Adjust Timings

You can adjust frequency and delays for your notifications. Select “Accelerated” if you want to reduce the waiting time between the notifications.

Updated on December 17, 2019

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