Changing The Look Of Your Nudges

There are two ways to change the appearance of notifications. On your Styles page, which affects all notifications, and via editing, which affects text within individual notifications.

  • Theme
    Choose between Dark and Light, and Round or Boxy – Go to the to the Appearance section of your Styles page. Note that changing the shape of your Nudges is available from the Plus plan onwards only.
  • Notification Highlight Colour
    Change the colour of hyperlinks, and of parameters in urgency/scarcity messages – Go to the Appearance section of your Styles page
  • Notification Text
    Add bolding, underlining, italics or change the colour – Edit notifications to change these
  • Branding
    The option to remove ‘Verified by Nudgify’ is available on the Pro plan – Go to the Content section of your Styles page and toggle off the branding button.

Updated on March 12, 2020

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