Edit Nudges

To edit your Social Proof and FOMO notifications after you have added them, open the Group in which you want to edit Nudges. Click on the purple “Nudges” button next to the Group to open it.

product group

Hoover over the Nudge you want to edit. A green border with ‘EDIT’ will now appear. Click on the Nudge.

edit Nudge

A configuration screen will now appear. Depending on the type of notification, you can set certain parameters and change settings.

For the Social Proof Nudge below, for example, you can adjust how many purchases you want to show and set a maximum age for the purchases.

edit notifications

To see the configuration options for each Nudge type, see this list of guides per Nudge type.

In addition to Nudge specific settings, you can decide for each Nudge if you want to make it “persistent”. Read more about making Nudges persistent.

Once you have changed the settings you want, click “Save and close”. That is how you edit your Social Proof & FOMO notifications!


Updated on December 15, 2020

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