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Installing Nudgify with Unbounce

Installing Nudgify with Unbounce is really easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Just sign up for Nudgify and the setup guide will take you to “Install my Pixel”.

install nudgify pixel

This Pixel is nothing more than a small line of code that you need to copy and paste into the code of your website.

If you use Unbounce, installing Nudgify is extra easy: you can simply paste the Pixel in a Javascript dialog box in your Unbounce dashboard.

Follow these steps to install Nudgify on your Unbounce landing pages.

Step 1: Copy the Pixel from the “Other sites” tab

  • On the Nudgify Pixel page, Select the “Other Sites” tab and copy the Pixel from the text-box.

add nudgify with unbounce

Step 2: Paste the Pixel in a JavaScripts dialog box in Unbounce

  • Log in to Unbounce and go to the landing page you want to add Nudgify to.
  • Click “Javascripts” on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Paste your Pixel in the dialog box that opens.
  • You can choose where on the page the Pixel should be placed. By default, it says “Before Body End Tag”. Change this to “Head”.

Step 3: Check the Pixel is installed

  • Go back to the Nudgify Pixel page and click “Check” to see whether the Pixel was installed correctly.

check pixel installed

  • Do you see the green “Pixel installed” message? Congratulations, your Nudgify Pixel is added to your Unbounce landing page!
  • Do you not see the green “Pixel installed” message? Your Pixel is not installed. Click the blue chat bubble in the app where we can assist you 1-on-1.
Updated on July 31, 2020

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