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Recent Activity Nudge

A Recent Activity Nudge shows recent activities on your website, such as sign-ups, subscriptions, and purchases. By showing that your products are being used and purchased by others, you trigger a powerful Social Proof effect.

You can show Single Activities or a summary of All Activities.

recent activity Nudge sign ups

Connect data sources

To display recent activites, Nudgify needs to collect live data. Therefore, you need to connect a data source in order to use this Nudge. You can choose to collect data from:

In your Conversion Data Feed, you can view and manage the data that is being collected from the data sources you activate.

Single activities

A Recent Activity Nudge for single activities shows each individual activity (e.g. subscription, sale, sign-up) with the person’s picture, name and location.

Choose an activity description

You can choose how to describe the activity on the Nudge, for example ‘bought a plan’ or ‘signed up to the newsletter’ or ‘subscribed to our mailing list’.

recent activity description

If you add the Recent Activity Nudge and select a data source, up to your last 10 activities will show in Nudges on your page. You can choose to hide older activities, for example, if you choose to hide activities that are older than 1 week, and you’ve had 7 activities within the last week, it will only show those last 7 in Nudges.

Show full details or make it anonymous

You can also choose in how much detail you wish to show the name and location of the person who performed the recent activity. By default, the Nudge displays:

  • a picture of the person (or a map if a picture is not available)
  • first name + initial (e.g. John D.)
  • the city and country (e.g. Berlin, Germany)

On the Genius Plan, you can change the default settings (go to Nudge Settings > Message) and make your Social Proof Nudges more anonymous.

If any of the information the Nudge tries to capture and display is not available, it will fall back on another option.

  • For the image, a map will show if the picture is unavailable, and a pawn-icon will show if the map is unavailable as well.
  • If the name is unavailable, the Nudge will fall back to the anonymous option and display ‘someone’.
  • In case the location in unavailable, no location will be displayed.

All activities

Recent Activity Nudges that show all activities, do not show the number of people who performed the activity within the time frame you set.

Choose a time frame

The Nudge shows the time frame within which the recent activities took place, for example within the last hour, or within the last 3 days. You can choose to hide activities older than e.g. 24 hours.

Set a minimum and maximum

You can choose the minimum and maximum of activities that are required for the Nudge to show. Do you not want to show the Nudge if there are less than 5 recent sign-ups to display? Set the minimum to 5. This means that when less than 5 people performed the activity in the time frame you chose (e.g. 24 hours), the Nudge will not show.

When does the Recent Activity Nudge show?

The Recent Activity Nudge for single activities shows as long as someone has performed the activity within the time frame you set.

The Recent Activity Nudge for all visitors appears when a minimum of 2 people performed the activity within the time frame you set. You can set this minimum to be higher when configuring the Nudge. Beware that the Nudge won’t show, when less people perform the activity (e.g. sign up or make a purchase) than the minimum you set, in the time frame you chose.

What if the Nudge does not show?

Note that Nudgify does not collect historical data to display the Recent Activity Nudge. Data collection starts from the moment you install Nudgify. This means that the Nudge might not show up at first, if you do not have enough recent activities on your website since you installed the app.

If the Recent Activity Nudge for all visitors does not show up, check the minimum and time frame you set. When the amount of activities within the set time frame is less than the minimum you chose, the Nudge won’t show.

Updated on July 3, 2020

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