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Zapier Integration

Do you want to connect Nudgify to a tool we do not integrate with directly? Our Zapier integration allows you to connect to 500+ tools! With Zapier, you can turn the data you want into poweful Social Proof.

Show data from the apps you are using in your Recent Activity Nudges, such as WooCommerce purchases, payments via Paypal and Hubspot form submissions.

Note that Zapier has a free plan, although limited in features and integrations. They offer a 14-day free trial if you wish to try out all they offer to see whether they suit your needs.

Zapier allows you to connect two tools by creating ‘Zaps’. Each ‘Zap’ consists of a ‘Trigger’ and an ‘Action’. It works as follows: when X happens (Trigger), do Y (Action).

trigger action zapier

For Nudgify, you choose the app you want (Trigger) to create a Recent Activity Nudge (the Action). The Trigger can be a WooCommerce order, a Paypal purchase, a Constant Contact sign-up and much, much more.

Choose one of our Zap Templates

For the most popular Triggers, we have already created the Zaps for you! This saves you setting up your own Zap and makes it even easier to connect the app of your choice to your Nudges.

zap templates

  • Go to the integrations page via the left side menu
  • Scroll down to “Zapier”
  • Instead of clicking “Connect”, choose a Template and click “Use this Zap”
  • Select the account you have with the Trigger app of your choice
  • Select your Nudgify account and copy paste your API and Site keys from the Zapier Integration page in Nudgify.
  • Your Zap is ready! Go to step 6: Create a Recent Activity Nudge.

Create your own Zap

You can also create your own Zap. This gives you the freedom to set up your Trigger exactly as you want it. To create your own Zap, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Connect our Zapier integration

In your Nudgify account, navigate to “Integrations” in the left side menu.

Go to Zapier and click “Connect”.

You can now see an API Key and Site Key that you will need in Zapier. Click “Setup on Zapier”.

connect zapier social proof

You are now being taken to Zapier. Login to your Zapier account, or create a new one.

Step 2: Select the app you want to connect

Once logged in, you find and select the app you want to connect to Nudgify.

zapier choose app

Step 3: Select your Trigger and Action

Choose an App and Event for the Trigger you want for your Nudge. For example, a Trigger for a WooCommerce purchase, a Paypal sale or a Leadpages form submission. In the example below, the Trigger is a New Enrollment in Teachable.

For the Action, you select ‘Create Nudge’.

social proof zapier teachable

Step 4: Set up your Trigger

In order to set up the Trigger you picked, you connect the account of the app your chose. In the example here, you connect your Teachable account.

You click “Find Data” to check if you have New Enrollments in your Teachable account to show in your Nudges.

teachable social proof

Step 5: Set up your Action

To set up your Action, “Create Nudge in Nudgify”, you:

  • connect your account
  • choose the data you want to show in your Nudge
  • test if the data is being send correctly.

set up action zapier

Read on for more elaborate instructions for these steps.

Connect your Nudgify Account

To connect your Nudgify account, click “Sign in to Nudgify”

connect zapier
In Nudgify, copy the API Key and Site Key from your Zapier integration page in your Nudgify account. Go back to Zapier and paste them to connect your Nudgify account.

allow zapier access

Click “Yes, Continue” to grant Zapier access.

Customize your Nudge

Customize your Nudge by filling in the fields with the data you want to show.

Use the suggested options from your Trigger app. This is dynamic data that allows you to show the name, location etc for each event. In the example here, for each Teachable Enrollment.

customize social proof nudge

Fill out all the fields your can this way, like so:

zap customize nudge

It can happen that some of the data is not available with the Trigger you chose. As long as it is not a required field, a Nudge will still be created. The data from that field will then simply not show in your Nudge.

For example, if the ip-address is not available, the Nudge will display ‘Someone from London, UK…..’, instead of ‘John D. from London, UK …..’

Send test data

Click “Test & Review” or “Test & Continue” to test your Zap.

test nudge zapier

When your Zap is ready, turn it on.

activate zap zapier

Your Zap is now finished and active!

Step 6: Create a Recent Activity Nudge

You can now use your Zap when creating Recent Activity Nudges in your Nudgify account.

Choose one of our Recent Activity Nudges (for single activities or all activities) in the Nudge Library.

zapier social proof

For ‘Get activity from’ choose Zapier. Give your activity a description that matches the Trigger you created in Zapier, for example ‘bought this product’ or ‘subscribed to our newsletter’.

social proof nudge

Click ‘Continue’. Congratulations! You have now created a Nudge using the Zapier integration. New data that comes in, is now automatically turned into Social Proof!

Create multiple Zaps for one Nudge

If you want to use multiple Triggers for your Recent Activity Nudge, you can simply create a new Zap in Zapier, with a different Trigger, and the same Action. As long as you choose the same Nudgify account when configuring your Action, your Recent Activity Nudge will show data from both Zaps.

This comes in handy if you offer multiple options for payment. You can create, for example, two Zaps to show purchases via Paypal and Stripe in one and the same Nudge.

Updated on July 13, 2020

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