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Advanced Styles

In addition to the Essential Styles, the Genius and Enterprise Plans give you access to all the Advanced Styles. These allow you to adjust advanced aspects of the appearance and behaviour of your Nudges, so that they seamlessly suit your website and the way you want to talk to customers.

You can find and adjust the Advanced Styles on your Nudge Settings page.

Select An Animation Style

Advanced Styles allow you to adjust the way your Nudges appear by choosing which kind of animation to use. You can find this option in the ‘Appearance tab’ of the Nudge Settings page

Adjust Timings

In the ‘Behaviour’ tab, you can adjust the frequency of your Nudges and the initial delay. Select “Accelerated” if you want to reduce the waiting time between them.

The Custom option allows you to manually choose the display time, the time between two Nudges, and the delay for the initial Nudge.

Loop Nudges

You can decide whether you want to put a sequence on repeat by toggling the “Loop Nudges” button.

Close Nudges

By toggling the “Close” button, you can decide whether you want to give customers the option to close your Nudge.

Remove branding

Your Nudges contain the branding labels “Verified by Nudgify” and “Powered by Nudgify”. You can remove these labels by toggling off the button for Nudgify branding in the ‘message’ tab of Nudge Settings.

Updated on April 6, 2020

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