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Installing Nudgify With WordPress Or WooCommerce

If you have a WordPress website (or you use WooCommerce) it is quick and easy to add the Nudgify Pixel to your website. To add the Pixel to your website, follow the setup process to the Install Pixel page. Choose the “WordPress” option and copy the site key (it is the long string of characters separated by dashes).

install nudgify wordpress

Now you need to paste the pixel in the right place. Our WordPress plugin provides a form field to paste it in. In this way, you don’t need to open up your website’s source code.

To install the Nudgify Plugin, you need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your WordPress interface and Click on “Plugins” and “Add New”.

  • Using the search bar to look for plugins, type in “Nudgify” or a relevant keyword and look for the Nudgify icon. Once you have found it, click on “Install Now”. 
  • Once the Nudgify plugin is installed, click “Activate”.
  • Click on the Nudgify button that has now appeared in the left-hand bar of your WordPress interface.

  • Paste the Site Key in the form field and click on the “Save Changes” button below.
Updated on December 17, 2019

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