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Installing Nudgify With WordPress

Installing Nudgify with WordPress is really easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Just sign up for Nudgify and the setup guide will take you to “Install my Pixel”.

install nudgify pixel

This Pixel is nothing more than a small line of code that you need to copy and paste into the code of your website.

If you have a WordPress website, you can use the Nudgify WordPress plugin to install the Pixel. The plugin gives you a text-box in which you can paste the Pixel without having to touch your website’s source code.

Follow these steps for installing Nudgify with WordPress.

Step 1: Copy the Pixel from the WordPress tab

On the Nudgify Pixel page, Select the “WordPress” tab. Copy the code from the text-box.

installing with wordpress

Step 2: Download the Nudgify WordPress Plugin

  • Log in to your WordPress interface and Click on “Plugins” and “Add New”.

add the plugin

  • Using the search bar to look for plugins, type in “Nudgify” or a relevant keyword and look for the Nudgify icon. Once you have found it, click on “Install Now”. 
  • Once the Nudgify plugin is installed, click “Activate”.
  • Click on the Nudgify button that has now appeared in the left-hand bar of your WordPress interface.

    nudgify wordpress plugin

Step 3: Paste the Pixel in the text-box

  • Paste the Pixel in the text-box and click on “Save Changes”.paste the pixel

Step 4: Check the Pixel is installed

  • Go back to the Nudgify Pixel page and click “Check” to see whether the Pixel was installed correctly.

pixel installed check

Updated on April 22, 2020

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