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Why Does Nudgify Add Branding To Nudges?

On the bottom left-hand corner of each Nudge, you’ll notice a label with Nudgify branding. We add it so that your visitors can see if the content has been validated by us or not. Custom Nudges, for example, which do not use a verified data feed, are branded with the label “Powered by Nudgify.”

nudge label illustration

What Does “Powered By Nudgify” Mean?

  • Custom Nudges (which can be edited) are “Powered by Nudgify”. The information comes from you – we just provide the notification.

No one knows your store better than you, so we give you the chance to tell customers exactly what they need to know. 

nudge label powered by

What Does “Verified By Nudgify” Mean?

  • Standard Nudges are usually “Verified by Nudgify”. The information comes from your stock room or your activity log.

If a Nudge is “Verified” by us, we guarantee the credibility of the information displayed. The data is found and displayed securely, so customers know they can trust it. nudge label verified

Why Do We Add The Branding?

The branding label shows people if the Nudge was written by you or generated automatically from your data. We add it so that you have the freedom to create Custom Nudges, but your customers know that “Verified” Nudges are up-to-date and accurate.

Nudges work best when users know they can trust the information they contain. That’s why, for us, honesty is the best policy. We only show the “Verified by Nudgify” label when we have collected the data ourselves. 

Removing The Branding

Some Nudgify plans let users remove the branding. This allows larger businesses to create notifications that can be used for on-boarding instructions, personal messages or important announcements.

However, in most circumstances we still recommend that you leave the branding in place. That way, customers get more from your Custom Nudges and place more trust in the data shown in your Standard Nudges.

Updated on January 19, 2021

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