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Why Aren’t My Nudges Appearing On My Website?

There are 5 common reasons why the Nudges you have chosen might not appear on your website:

  1. The Pixel is not installed correctly
  2. The Nudges have not been activated
  3. The targeting for your Nudges is not correct
  4. You are targeting the same pages in different Streams
  5. There is no live data on your website to display yet

This posts will explain how to test your installation and to rectify any problems you have.

1. The Pixel Is Not Installed Correctly

If you think the Pixel is not installed correctly, you can visit our Pixel Checker. To find the Pixel Checker, navigate to the Getting Started page and click on “Install My Pixel”. This will take you to the Pixel Checker.

install nudgify pixel

Click on “Check” to test your website for the Nudgify Pixel. If the “Pixel not present” box remains in place, you will need to follow the instructions for your platform.

If the Pixel is present on your website, then this is not the reason your Nudges are not displaying.

2. The Nudges Have Not Been Activated

To check that your Nudges have been activated, navigate to the “Streams” you have created and view the Nudges listed there. Each Nudge has an On/Off button beside it. Make sure all the Nudges you want to use are set to “On”. Remember to click “Save” once you have activated these Nudges.

3. The targeting for your Nudges is not correct

The targeting for your Nudges is organised per Stream. When you create a new Stream, you set the target pages with “Show on” and “Don’t show on” rules.

targeting rules

“Show on” rules mean that Nudges are shown on any page that starts with the URL.

For example: Show on www.nudgify.com/nudges/

  • Includes www.nudgify.com/nudges/
  • Includes www.nudgify.com/nudges/recent-activity/
  • Does not include www.nudgify.com/social-proof/

“Don’t Show On” rules exclude certain pages from your “Show on” rules.

For example: Show on www.nudgify.com/nudges combined with Don’t show on www.nudgify.com/nudges/recent-activity/

  • Includes www.nudgify.com/nudges
  • Includes www.nudgify.com/nudges/low-stock/
  • Does not include www.nudgify.com/nudges/recent-activity/

To make sure you are targeting the correct pages, navigate to the Nudges page. Click on the “…” button beside the Audience you want to check. This will take you to the settings for that audience, where you can check if the rules are correct.

4. You are targeting the same pages in different Streams

The targeting for your Nudges is organised per Stream. When you create a new Stream, the URL targeting applies to all Nudges in that Stream.

If you wish to show multiple Nudges on the same page, you can simply add another Nudge to the Stream.

If, however, you create two separate Streams that target the same page(s), you create a targeting conflict. This causes one Stream to overwrite the other and only the Nudges in one of your Streams will show on the targeted page(s).

If the Nudges of one of your Streams are not showing, check if there is an overlap of pages in your targeting. If there is, you can simply move the Nudges one Stream.

5. There Is No Live Data On Your Website To Display Yet

Live Nudges gather real-time data from your website to showcase for example recent purchases, sign-ups, views, or reviews. Nudgify does not collect historic data, but only starts tracking the relevant activities from the moment you added the Nudge onwards.

So if you just added a Social Proof Nudge, and there has been no relevant activity on your website since, the Nudge you created will not show yet. Don’t worry, it will start showing once you have new viewings, purchases, sign-ups, etc.

You can see whether you have data coming through to Nudgify in your Data Feeds.

What To Do If You Have Checked These Common Problems

If you have checked these common problems and still cannot see your Nudges, you can  contact our in-app chat support. We will reply to any help requests as soon as possible.

Updated on July 28, 2020

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