Review Nudge

Review Nudges linked to your Trustpilot, Capterra, and Google Reviews, build trust and take away the hesitation to buy.

You can choose to show a Nudge with single reviews and a Nudge with a rating. The Review Nudge and Rating Nudge capture and display reviews from the platforms you connect.

Connect Review Platforms

On the integration page, you can connect Review platforms. To do so, go to the integration page via the left side menu and selects the Review platform(s) you’d like to connect. You can choose to connect Trustpilot, Capterra, and Google Reviews.

Add a Review Nudge

To show the reviews from the platform(s) you connected, you need to add a Review Nudge. The Review Nudge shows reviews from the data sources you connected.

It will show the 5 latest reviews, or in the case of Google Reviews, the 5 most relevant ones.
You can decide to hide reviews:
– with a low rating
– that are old
– without a review message
If you have reviews in multiple languages, the Nudge will automatically show reviews in the language that match the language you set for you Nudges.

Rating Nudge

To show the rating, you need to add a Rating Nudge. This shows the average rating and the amount of reviews it’s based on.

You can choose to hide the Nudge if the rating is lower than a certain number of stars, and you can choose not to include reviews that are older than 3 months.

Updated on July 31, 2020

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