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Friction – Discount Nudge

How does the Discount Nudge work?

The Discount Nudge takes information from the store discount you select. It uses this information to show your discount offer in a Nudge and lets your visitors apply the discount from within the Nudge. When online shoppers tick the box, the discount is automatically applied to their cart.

Because visitors can claim the discount right when they see it, you make it easier for them to commit to using the offer and completing a purchase on your store. This way, you can leverage your discount to reduce Cart Abandonment and minimize Friction.

discount nudge

Add the Discount Nudge to your Site

This Nudge is suitable for any page on your website. Follow the steps below to add to your store.

Step 1: Select the Discount Nudge in the Nudge Library

product discount social proof notification

Step 2: Select Data Source and edit Nudge according to your Preference. NB. Currently we only have WooCommerce and Shopify as the available data source for this Nudge, but we’ll be adding other eCommerce integrations very soon! You can sign-up to Nudgify to be notified once it’s live

Discount social proof settings


  • In the “Discount Code” box, type in the eCommerce discount code you want to use.
  • Discount Message: the main message about the discount you offer.
  • Call to action: the message in bold, next to the check box
  • Confirmation message: the confirmation message that is displayed after online shoppers have ticked the check box

Make Nudge Persistent

You can choose whether you want to make this Nudge persistent. We recommend to make the Discount Nudge persistent, so that you give online shoppers enough time to apply the discount. The Nudge disappears when they close the Nudge with the cross at the top right corner of the Nudge

Add the Nudge to your Stream

When you have selected a data source and chosen the settings you want, click ‘Continue’ to add your Nudge to your Nudge Stream. That’s it! Your store discounts will now be turned into Social Proof Nudges on your site.

Updated on July 14, 2023

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