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Create A Stream

Nudges are organized in ‘Streams’: sets of Nudges that share the same targeting rules.

You can choose to let your Nudge Streams appear on a particular page or set of pages with URL-targeting. Additionally, you can select which devices you wish your Nudges to be displayed on:

For each Stream of Nudges, you need to decide:

  • Which Nudges to add to the Stream
  • The order your Nudges should be shown in
  • Which pages to show the Nudges on with URL targeting
  • The devices your Nudges should be shown on: desktop, tablet, and/or mobile

How Do I Create A Stream?

To create a new Stream, click “Create Stream”.

Fill out the form:

  • Give your Stream a name, for example ‘Sign up page’
  • Enter the URL of the page or pages you want to display the Nudges in this Stream on
  • Select the devices you want to display your Nudges on. By default, all devices are selected

When you’re done, click “Create Stream”.

Add Nudges to your Stream

You are now ready to start adding Nudges to the set of pages you have just selected. Click “Add Nudge to stream”.

You can also add Nudges later by clicking on the + in the stream.

You can add as many Nudges to a Stream as you want. Simply click on the Stream to edit it, and click ‘Add Nudge’.

If you wish to show the same stream of Nudges on several pages of your site, you don’t need to create a new Stream for each page. You can simply target multiple pages in one Stream. Read more about URL targeting.


Updated on June 18, 2020

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