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ADD ON; Remove Nudgify Branding for a Small Fee

We have recently implemented an exciting new feature within Nudgify known as Add-Ons. These Add-Ons empower users by providing access to additional functionalities that extend beyond the scope of their existing subscription plans.

The initial Add-On available is the “Remove Branding” feature, catering to LITE and PLUS plan subscribers who wish to eliminate Nudgify branding from their nudges.
By opting for this Add-On, users can tailor their Nudgify experience to better align with their overall aesthetic prefernces.

Why The Remove Branding Add-On?

If you find yourself wanting to maintain a branding experience that excludes Nudgify branding on your nudges, and you are currently subscribed to either the LITE or PLUS plan but aren’t considering an upgrade to a larger plan¬†just yet, opting for the ‘Remove Branding’ Add-On could be the perfect solution for you.

For a mere $5 per month, you can ensure that your nudges remain free from any Nudgify branding, allowing you to maintain a personalized brand presence across your platform.

Save More by Using This Add-On

The ‘Remove Branding’ feature is typically included in the Genius plan and above. This means that, for users on the LITE plan, utilizing the Add-On to access the remove branding feature translates to savings of $35 monthly and $420 annually compared to upgrading to the GENIUS plan.

Similarly, PLUS plan users can save $15 monthly and $180 yearly by leveraging the Remove Branding Add-On instead of switching to a higher-tier plan.

How to Purchase this Add-on

  • Go to Site and Organization
  • Go to the Organization you want to purchase this Add-on for
  • Click on settings icon beside the organization name
  • Next click on the Add-on tab
  • You’ll see the remove branding Add-on in the list of Add-ons
  • Finally, click on the subscribe button in the ‘Remove Branding’ Add-on
  • There you have it! Nudgify branding would now be excluded from your nudges going forward

Can I cancel an Add-on subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your ‘remove branding’ add-on subscription means the add-on would be disabled at the end of your billing cycle and won’t be renewed/used in the coming months.

You can always re-subscribe at any time once you cancel, to continue to enjoy the benefit.





Updated on March 26, 2024

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