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Buy a one-off Visitor Boost (extra credits)

A one-off Visitor Boost allows you to buy extra credits on top of the monthly recurring visitor allowance included in your plan. Visitor Boost credits are valid for an unlimited amount of time, and ideal if you only occasionally need more than your monthly visitor limit.

Buy a Small, Medium, or Large Visitor Boost

If you need some more monthly visitors than are included in your Nudgify plan, but you are not ready to upgrade to a larger plan, buying a one-off Visitor Boosts might be the ideal solution for you.

Visitor Boosts come in 3 tiers: Small, Medium, and Large:

  • Small: get 10,000 visitors ($15)
  • Medium: get 100,000 visitors ($45)
  • Large: get 1,000,000 visitors ($125)

To buy a Visitor Boost, click the “Boost” button in the top bar in your Nudgify account. Choose the Boost size you want and complete your purchase.

visitor extra credits

A Boost is a one-off purchase. As soon as you complete the purchase, the extra visitor credits are added to your account.
visitor boost plans

The extra credits get used up only at the times where you have used up all the monthly visitors included in your plan before your cycle ends. When the Visitor Boost credits are being used, you see a lightning icon.

Your Visitor Boost credits will only be used after you’ve run out of the monthly visitor credits included in your plan. They help tie you over to your next month. When your next month starts and you get your new monthly credits, we’ll stop using your Visitor Boost credits and save them for the next time you reach your limit.

Do my Visitor Boost credits expire?

Your Visitor Boost credits are valid for an unlimited amount of time! The monthly visitor credits included in your plan expire at the end of each month, but your Visitor Boost credits remain valid forever. Even if you up- or downgrade your plan, your Visitor Boost credits remain in place.

The only moment you lose your Visitor Boost credits is when you cancel your plan.

Can I buy multiple Visitor Boosts?

Yes, you can buy as many Visitor Boosts as you like. When you buy a second (or third etc.) Visitor Boost, the credits will simply stack.

NB: buying a visitor boost is not buying traffic!

Updated on November 17, 2022

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