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Manage Your Plan

On Nudgify, you can very easily manage the plan you are subscribed to. As an overview, Nudgify offers 4 different plans:

  1. Lite – $8/month, billed annually ($9 if you pay per month)
  2. Plus – $25/month, billed annually ($29 if you pay per month)
  3. Genius – $49/month, billed annually ($40 if you pay per month)
  4. Agency – $75/month, billed annually ($89 if you pay per month)
  5. Enterprise – $158/month, billed annually ($189 if you pay per month)

Choose A Plan

After (or during) your Free Trial, you can upgrade to a plan by navigating to your Plans & Billing page. You can find it by clicking on your account icon in the top right corner and selecting ‘Plans & Billing’ from the drop-down menu.

free trial on nudgify

When you click ‘Change plan’ you can pick a plan on the Subscription page.

You can compare the plans and all their features on our Pricing page.

This will take you to Stripe, where you can add and edit your payment method, billing address, and VAT ID and then proceed to checkout

Unique Monthly Visitors

The pricing is based on the number of unique monthly visitors you can show Nudges to. It does not matter how many Nudges a visitor sees, or how many pages they visit on your site, or for how long – we only count them once.

If at any point you need more visitors than are included in your plan, you can choose to upgrade to a larger plan, or buy a one-off Visitor Boost.

Adding Nudges To Multiple Sites

All plans include unlimited websites. If you add multiple sites, we will divide the visitor limit of your plan over your different websites equally. You can view how many visitors you have left, and how many were used by each of your sites on your Plans & Billing page.

Multiple Organizations (sub-accounts)

Your Plan is attached to the Organization within your Nudgify account. You can create multiple Organizations within your Nudgify account. This allows you to manage multiple plans. This can be useful if you are an Agency and want to manage the websites of different clients in different plans with separate billing and a separate Team to collaborate with.

When you add Team members to work together with, they are added on the Organization-level. If you create multiple Organizations within your account, you can add client 1 as a Team Member to Organization 1, and client 2 to as a Team Member to Organization 2. This way, clients only have access to their own site.

Monthly Or Yearly Billing?

You can choose between monthly and yearly billing for your plan. With monthly billing, you can cancel your account each month. Your subscription is renewed automatically on a monthly basis.

With annual billing, you pay for each year upfront. With this option, you get 2 months free every year.

Subscribe To A Plan

Once you have decided which plan is the most suitable for you, you can go ahead and click “Upgrade Now”. A form to fill out your billing information will now appear. Fill out your details and click “Subscribe”. Don’t forget to enter your VAT-ID if you have one.

Change Your Plan

When you are on a plan and want to switch to a different plan, you can do so at any time via your Plans and Billing page. Note that the plan change will take effect right away. We will pro-rate your payment accordingly.

For example, if you downgrade halfway through your billing cycle from Plus to Lite, we will keep half of the amount of the Plus plan as credit in your account and use it towards the Lite plan. Your bill will then be $0 for a few months, until your credit has been used up. The other way around, when you upgrade from the e.g. the Lite to the Plus plan halfway through your billing cycle, we will subtract the unused amount on your Lite plan from the Plus plan payment.

Free Trial

Nudgify offers a 7-day Free Trial, allowing you to try out all features. The trial includes a volume of 20,000 unique visitors. When you’ve reached this limit, or after 7 days, your account will be disabled until you pick a plan.

Check Your Current Plan

You can find an overview of your subscription(s) on the Plans & Billing page. You can also see here how many websites you added to each plan.

Renew A Plan

We will be automatically renewing your Nudgify plan monthly or yearly, depending on the billing type you choose. This is the case until you give us notice that you want to cancel your subscription. On your Plans & Billing page, you can see your personal billing cycle.

manage your nudgify plan

Cancel A Plan

You can cancel your plan on the Subscription page. You can access the Subscription page via the Plans & Billing page: select the Organization you want to cancel your plan for, and click ‘Change plan’.

On the bottom of the Subscription page, you can click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button to cancel your plan.

cancel plan

When you cancel your plan, you still have access to the benefits of your plan until the end of your billing cycle.

Edit your billing details

You can edit your billing details at any moment.

Navigate to your Sites & Organizations page, and click the gear icon of the Organization you want to change your billing details of.

organization settings

Click the Billing details tab to edit your billing details.

Refund policy

You may cancel your subscription at any time, but given the nature of digital products, we cannot refund any amounts that you have already paid. You can find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

Updated on April 5, 2024

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