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How To Manage Organizations, Teams And Sites

We created Organizations and Teams to make it easy to manage Nudgify on multiple Sites and work together with colleagues or clients.

How it works, in short:

  • Each account can have multiple Organizations
  • Each Organization has a Team, with 1 Owner and unlimited Members
  • The Owner is in charge of the billing and plan of the Team’s Organization
  • Each Organization can have multiple Sites
  • All Team Members of an Organization have access to all the Sites it holds
  • Each Site has it’s own unique Nudgify Pixel


When you create an account for Nudgify, you automatically also create your first Organization. You are this Organization’s owner and the head of the Team. You can invite other people to your Team to join as Members.manage organization

manage team members

When you’re invited to a Team and don’t have a Nudgify account yet, you are automatically added to the Team you’re invited to upon registering. You won’t be prompted to create your own Organization.

manage organization and teams

You can, however, create your own Organization(s) afterwards within your account if you wish.

how to manage organizations


An Organization can have multiple Sites. The Team is billed for each Site, but all Sites within the Organization must be on the same plan. This means that you cannot have one Site on the Lite plan and another Site on the Genius plan within one Organization. Billing is the responsibility of the Owner of the Team’s Organization.

Each Site also comes with its own Nudgify Pixel. You can find the Pixel of each Site by clicking on on the <> icon in your Sites & Organizations overview.

how to manage teams sites


Each Organization has a Team, with 1 Owner and unlimited Members. The Owner is the whoever created the Organization and the Members are whoever the Owner invited to join the Organization.

The Owner

  • Is responsible for the plan and billing of the Team
  • Can add and remove Sites to the Team
  • Can edit the Team name and profile picture
  • Can invite and remove Team Members
  • Can use Nudgify (e.g. create, edit and delete Nudges, access the Pixel, change Nudge Settings) on all Sites of the Team

manage teams organizations sites

The Team Members

  • Can see all Sites of the Team
  • Can use Nudgify (e.g. create, edit and delete Nudges, access the Pixel, change Nudge Settings) on all Sites of the Team
  • Can leave the Team

manage teams sites

Switching between Sites and Organizations

Within your Nudgify account, you can belong to multiple Teams, with different roles. You can be the Owner of one Team and the Member of another. There is no limit to the number of Organizations you can own or be a member of.

In the top left corner of the interface you can always see:

  • The name of the Site you’re currently working on
  • Your role within the Organization the Site belongs to: Owner or Member

how to manage sites

If you click on it, a drop-down menu appears that allows you to easily switch between Sites.

Sites & Organizations page overview

Clicking on “Sites & Organizations” at the bottom of the drop-down list takes you to your Sites and Organizations overview. Here you can view the settings of all your Sites and Organizations and edit the ones you are the Owner of.

In the screencast below, you can see a quick overview of the Sites & Organizations page.

how to manage orgaizations sites

Updated on August 18, 2020

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