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Order Soon Nudge

An Order Soon Nudge shows online shoppers an order deadline for delivery by a certain date. By giving your visitors a time limit with Order Soon Nudges, you create a sense of urgency around the purchase decision.

create urgency

How does the Order Soon Nudge work?

The Order Soon Nudge knows what time and day of the week it is, and calculates the order deadline for delivery by a certain date (e.g. the next day or within a week).

You set the number or days delivery takes and set your shipping deadline to make sure the message in the Nudge matches your delivery terms.

set order deadline

How to add an Order Soon Nudge

To add an order soon Nudge, follow the steps below

  • Go to your Streams page
  • Click on the Streams you want to add a Nudge to or create a new Stream
  • Click ‘Add a Nudge’
  • In the Nudge Library, select “eCommerce & Retail”ecommerce
  • Scroll down and choose the “Order Soon” Nudge
  • In the set-up box, choose the Cut Off time and the delivery time. The cut of the time is the time customers need to order by. The delivery time is the number of days delivery takes.

set order deadline

What if my delivery time differs per product?

No problem! You just create a new Stream for each product page that has a different delivery time.


Say you sell white goods, and Dishwashers take 2 days to deliver, but washing machines and dryers have a delivery time of 4 days. In this case, you:

  • create one Stream for product pages with washing machines, and add an Order Soon Nudge with a 2 days delivery time.
  • create a second Stream for the product pages for washing machines and dryers, and add an Order Soon Nudge to this Stream with a 4 day delivery time.

Does the Order Soon Nudge work with my time zone?

The Order Soon Nudge automatically adjusts to the time zone of online shoppers. The Nudge recognizes the time zone you are in when you add the Nudge, and the time zone of online shoppers who see the Nudge.


Say you live in Chicago. When you add the Order Soon Nudge and set the order deadline to 17:00 for next day delivery, Nudgify recognizes your time zone is Central Daylight Time and sets the order deadline to 17:00 CDT. Then when someone in Los Angeles sees the Nudge at 13:00 Pacific Daylight Time, the Nudge will show “Want it by tomorrow? Order within: 2 hours”.

Updated on December 3, 2020

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