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Free Delivery Nudge

A Free Delivery Nudge shows how close an online shopper is to getting free delivery. Giving online shoppers delivery information before they enter the checkout, help reduce friction. With Free Delivery Nudges, you can reduce cart abandonment and increase customer spend.

free delivery nudges

How does the Free Delivery Nudge work?

The Free Delivery Nudge uses your visitor’s real-time cart value to show whether they are eligible for free delivery. Depending on the order value of their cart, online shoppers see one of the three following messages:

FREE delivery when you spend over $25

  • Online shoppers see this message when their cart is empty
  • You set your store’s limit for free delivery and choose a currency
    reduce basket abandonment

You are only $12 away from getting FREE delivery

  • Online shoppers see this message when they have added something to their cart, but they need to add more to get free delivery
  • Nudgify calculates how much more visitors need to add to their cart to be eligible for free delivery
    reduce cart abandonment

Congratulations! You are eligible for FREE delivery

  • Online shoppers see this message when they’ve added enough to their cart for free deliveryfree delivery

The messages are designed to encourage online shoppers to add more value to their cart and follow through with their purchase, reducing cart abandonment. Free Delivery Nudges are recommended on any page of your store.

Follow the steps below to add Free Delivery Nudges.

Step 1: Add a Free Delivery Nudge from the Nudge Library

  • Choose the Free Delivery Nudgereduce cart abandonment with free delivery
  • Select the country or countries to which you offer delivery. The Nudge will only show in the country you select here. This means that if you offer free delivery in the United States, people who visit your website from e.g. France, won’t see the free delivery Nudge.
  • Select the target order value customers need to get free delivery, e.g. 25
  • Choose your currency, e.g. US Dollar

reduce basket abandonment with free delivery nudges

Step 2: Pass your live cart value data to the Nudge via our API

The Free Delivery Nudge uses live information on the cart value of your visitors. To enable the Nudge, you need to pass this cart value information to it. You can do this with our API.

If you have a WooCommerce website, you can add the API key with our WooCommerce Plugin. For other websites, you can connect your cart data to the API manually.

Option A: Connect your cart data with the WooCommerce Plugin

  • When configuring the Free Delivery Nudge, click “WooCommerce” as the data source.reduce basket abandonment woocommerce
  • You can now see your Site and API Keys. You will need to copy and paste these keys later.woocommerce nudges basket
  • First, open a new tab, and go to your WordPress dashboard.wordpress nudges free delivery
  • Visit Plugins > Add new and search for Nudgify.
  • Click Install Now and activate the plugin after installation.
  • Open the Plugin via the left side bar.wordpress nudges
  • Go back to the Nudgify app for your Site and API Keys.
  • The Site Key in for installing your Pixel. If you had not done that yet, you may now copy and paste your Site Key into the Site Key field in the WordPress Plugin. Copy your API Key.
  • The API Key is to connect your data, including your stock room data, to Nudgify. Copy and paste the API Key into the API Key field in the WordPress Plugin.connect woocommerce basket abandonment
  • Click save. Your WooCommerce stock data is now connected!
  • Go back to Nudgify, scroll down through the WooCommerce instructions, and click ‘I’ve done it’.connect woocommerce free delivery
  • The Nudge configuration screen now shows that WooCommerce is connected, and the continue button is now enabled. Go back to Nudgify and click “Continue” to add the Free Delivery Nudge.free delivery nudge woocommerce

That’s it! You have now added Free Delivery Nudges to help you reduce cart abandonment and encourage your visitors to spend more on your store!

Option B: Connect your cart data with JavaScript

When you add the Free Delivery Nudge, we add a line for you to your Nudgify Pixel where you can specify the values of your cart JavaScript variables.

As you can see below, the first line of the Pixel contains the cart variables amount (= the cart value) and currency. The values of these variables are set to “null” by default, but you can change them to pass the cart data from your website to the Free Delivery Nudge.

cart variables

  • Replace “null” for the amount variable with the value you use on your website for your visitors’ cart amount, e.g. “cartTotal” or however else you have named it.
  • Replace “null” for the currency variable with the ISO currency code (ISO 4217) of the currency of your choice. Make sure it matches with the currency you set for in the Free Delivery Nudge configuration. For example, if you chose the US Dollar, you replace “null” with “USD”. If you chose the Euro you replace it with “EUR”.
  • Go back to Nudgify and click “Continue” to add the Free Delivery Nudge.

That’s it! You have now added Free Delivery Nudges to help you reduce cart abandonment and encourage your visitors to spend more on your store!

Updated on October 22, 2021

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