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Product Hunt – Connect Reviews

Turn your Product Hunt Reviews into Social Proof

Product Hunt is an online platform that showcases and promotes new and innovative products, apps, and services to a community of tech enthusiasts and early adopters. It allows creators and developers to launch and share their products, which can include software, gadgets, tools, and more. Product Hunt serves as a hub for discovering cutting-edge technologies and innovations across various industries, fostering a space for product discovery and community engagement.

You can easily connect Product Hunt to Nudgify using our Product Hunt integration to showcase your reviews on your website in a Review Nudge, in real-time.

ProductHunt rating social proof Product hunt review social proof

How to turn your Product Hunt reviews into Social Proof Nudges

Step 1. Type Your Business Domain Into Nudgify

You can connect your Product Hunt account on the Integrations page in the app. Click the “Integrations” button in the left-side menu to open the Integrations page.

This is where you manage your integrations with other apps and softwares. To enable the integration with Product Hunt , select “Product Hunt “.

product hunt connect

Type in your Product Hunt page URL which is the URL of your business’s page.

NB. Your Product Hunt reviews may take up to 48 hours to appear in the Datafeed so if you don’t see any review right away , not to worry, you can always check back later for the updates.

Another thing to note is that your Product Hunt page url must be in the format “https://www.producthunt.com/posts/productname“. We cannot pull reviews using any other format.

Product hunt connect

Click “Connect”. Your Product Hunt URL has been saved and is now connected to Nudgify.

Step 2. Create Product Hunt review Nudges

You can create two types of Review Nudges with the Product Hunt integration.

  1. Nudges that show single reviews
  2. Nudges that show the average rating based on multiple reviews

Show Single Reviews

When creating a new Nudge, choose the Single Review Nudge in the Social Proof Nudges category of the Nudge Library.

trustpilot reviews nudge

A window will now pop up in which you can configure your new Nudge. Select “Product Hunt”.

You can choose to only show reviews with a certain rating, for example only 4 and 5 star reviews.

Select the maximum age of reviews you wish to show. You can for example only show reviews that have been left within the last 3 months.

Product hunt set up

Click “Update” and you have now installed your new Nudge! Your reviews will now show in your Nudges and give you some powerful Social Proof!

Show Your Average Rating

When creating a new Nudge, choose the Ratings Nudge in the Social Proof Nudges category of the Nudge Library.

trustpilot rating

A window will now pop up and ask you to configure this Nudge. Select “Product Hunt” and choose the maximum age and the amount of reviews you wish to count for the calculation of your average rating.

Product hunt setup ratings

Click “Update” and you’re done. The Nudge will now automatically capture and show your rating, giving you some great Social Proof.

Updated on September 28, 2023

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