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Will Nudgify Slow Down My Website?

Nudgify is much faster to load than most web notification apps. This is because of two things that make our pixel unusually light.

  1. We only load Nudgify after your web page has loaded, ensuring that your visitors will never experience additional loading time for Nudgify.
  2. We use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Content Delivery Networks place servers at the exchange points between different networks, significantly improving speed. 

How Can I Check If My Apps Are Slowing Down My Website?

Apps and WordPress Plugins are infamous for increasing load times. Speed is important, because your visitors might not be prepared to wait for more than a couple of seconds for your website to load. In fact, any second beyond 2 seconds of load time results in increased bouncing rates. This is exactly why we make an effort to ensure that Nudgify does not affect your website’s speed.

If you use other apps or WordPress Plugins and you want to know if your website loads fast enough, it might be worth doing a speed check. You can easily do this with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. Not only do they tell you how fast your website is, they also show you which apps are slowing down your website and offer suggestions on how to increase speed.

How To Use Google PageSpeed Insights to Check Site Performance

  • Go to Google PageSpped Insights site
  • Copy and Paste the site URL targeted on Nudgify in the URL input field
  • Click on Analyze
  • Scroll down to the ‘ Diagnose Performance Issues’ sections
  • Open up ‘Reduce Javascript Execution Time’
  • You’ll find the Nudgify pixel as – pixel.js
  • Take note of the value for the total CPU time in ms

What Does This Mean For My Website

The listing highlights additional apps integrated into your website, including the Nudgify pixel. Despite its presence, Nudgify processes in under a second, just slightly over half a second. Remarkably, it loads more than five times faster than the main website itself. This indicates that the pixel doesn’t hinder your website’s speed; rather, it adds an extra layer with minimal processing time, ensuring it doesn’t impact visitor load times.

Interestingly, while tools like Google PageSpeed may flag Nudgify as potentially affecting SEO, this doesn’t mean your website’s performance is compromised. Instead, it suggests that the inclusion of additional apps could have an impact on SEO. However, this assertion lacks substantial evidence. In reality, the integration of Nudgify and similar apps is an innocent endeavor to enhance user experience without significantly altering your website’s SEO performance.

Updated on April 30, 2024

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