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PayPal Integration

Nudgify integrates seamlessly with Paypal. By connecting Nudgify with PayPal, you can create Social Proof notifications that show recent sales or subscriptions on your website. 

social proof purchases

How Do I Combine Nudgify With PayPal?

Step 1. Copy the Nudgify Webhook

  • Click the Integrations button on the left-hand sidebar in your Nudgify account.
  • Find PayPal in the list of integrations and click Connect.paypal integration
  • You will see a set of instructions for registering the Nudgify Webhook in your PayPal account. Find the Nudgify Webhook box and copy the webhook from the box.

Step 2. Paste the Nudgify webhook in your PayPal account

  • Login with your PayPal developer account and navigate to ‘My Apps & Credentials’.
  • Select the Live tab.
  • If you have an app listed in the REST API apps, click on that existing app and choose Add Webhook.connect paypal
  • If you don’t have an existing app, scroll down to NVP/SOAP API Apps section and click Manage Webhooks and then Add Webhook.paypal social proof
  • Paste the Nudgify webhook you copied from your Nudgify account into the Webhook URL field.
  • Under the Event types, select Billing subscription activated or Checkout order approved. Choose the event type that is most relevant to your PayPal configuration.paypal webhook
  • Go back to your Nudgify account and click the blue “I’ve done it” button on the PayPal integrations page.

Congratulations! Your PayPal account is now linked to Nudgify. New PayPal purchases will now be send to Nudgify. On your Data Feeds page, you can see your PayPal purchases coming in. Find out what your Data Feeds are.

Step 3. Add Purchase Nudges

Now that your PayPal account is connected, it’s time to start showcasing recent purchases in Nudges.

  • Go to the Nudges page, pick a Stream, and click “Add Nudge”.
  • Choose the Recent Activity Nudge to add these Nudges to your targeted pages. You can show single purchases, with the name and location of each customer, or a count of all recent purchases.social proof sales
  • Select PayPal as the data source of your purchases
  • Choose your settings and click Continue to add your Nudge.

That’s it! Your new PayPal purchases will now show in a Social Proof Nudge on your site!

Which PayPal data can I show in the Nudge?

In order for us to create a Purchase Nudge with your PayPal data, we need, at the very minimum, the following data:

  • customer email address

If you collect this data in PayPal, we can also show the following additional information in the Nudge:

  • customer name
  • customer country + state/city (to show their location)
  • product name (this can be a product, subscription, plan, etc.)

Check in your PayPal set-up if you collect the data you want to show with your PayPal event.

Which data can I not show with PayPal?

It is not possible to get the following data via the PayPal integration:

  • product image
  • product url

This means that it is not possible to show a dynamic product image (product image that differs per product) and that it is not possible to link to the product page from the product name in the Nudge.


Updated on November 1, 2021

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