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What Is Nudgify?

Nudgify is a web notifications app that businesses can use to add powerful notifications (“Nudges“) to their website. The most successful websites, like Amazon and Booking, use effects like Social Proof and Scarcity to engage their users. Nudgify makes it possible for any website to do the same thing with notifications.

How Does It Work?

Nudgify gathers live data from your website and displays it in small sliding notifications. These are designed in such a way as to produce powerful psychological effects like Social Proof, FOMO, and Urgency. You can also use Nudges to remove Friction from your website, making it easier for visitors to use.

We offer a suite of different Nudge types, including Nudges that display recent purchases, reviews, low stock levels, and an order deadline. View the full list of Nudge types we offer, including an explanatory guide for each Nudge type.

By combining real data with consumer psychology, Nudgify allows any website owner to create engaging moments.

Who is Nudgify for?

The web notifications app Nudgify is for anyone with a website who wants to increase their Conversion Rate. To turn more visitors into customers, subscribers, sign-ups, etc. We offer Nudges for virtually every industry, such as eCommerce, Travel, SaaS, Blogging, Real Estate, Ticketing, Finance and more.

nudgify web notifications app

You can use Nudgify on any website. The only thing your need is the ability to add a small snippet of code, the Nudgify Pixel, to the code of your website. Most page builders offer an easy copy and paste solution for this, so that you don’t actually need to touch the code of your site.

Updated on April 6, 2022

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