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What Is A Nudge?

Nudges are simply web notifications that show live data and other information that might be useful to your customers. By highlighting information that is usually hidden, such as the number of views a product has received, Nudges bring your website to life.

There are two kinds of Nudges your store can use: Standard and Custom. Standard Nudges use live data from your website and can only be edited in certain ways. Custom Nudges can be edited.

Standard Nudges

Standard Nudges include Recent Activity and Low Stock Nudges. They connect to a data source (such as your stock room) to show real-time information about your store. These Nudges are usually labelled ‘Verified by Nudgify‘, which means we endorse the information they contain (see, Why Does Nudgify Add A Label To Nudges).

Free Delivery Nudge

A Free Delivery Nudge reduces Friction in your checkout process, cutting down on cart abandonment. By removing one of your customers’ anxieties, you make it much easier for them to buy.

  • You set the target total

Order Soon Nudge

An Order Soon Nudge introduces a time limit, creating a sense of urgency around the purchase decision.

  • The delivery deadline is set by you

Selling Fast Nudge

A Selling Fast Nudge makes your customers take action immediately, by showing that the product might sell out.

  • Forecast based on live stock data and recent sales
  • Time of forecast given
  • You set the maximum forecast limit

Recent Activity Nudge

A Recent Activity Nudge lets everyone know how popular your services or products are. By showing examples of recent sales and sign-ups, you build trust quickly and easily.

  • Show a name or number or keep it anonymous
  • Localize your Nudge with Geolocation


Popularity Nudge

A Popularity Nudge builds trust and enhances desire-to-buy. By showing that your product is being looked at by others, you trigger a powerful Social Proof effect.

  • The total views are calculated automatically
  • You set a minimum total. The Nudge is shown if you reach it

Review Nudge

A Review Nudge builds trust and takes away the hesitation to buy. By displaying Review Nudges in real-time across your website, you help ensure customers that they are making the right choice.

  • Live data from Trustpilot and Google Reviews
  • The reviewer’s profile is captured automatically

Low Stock Nudge

A Low Stock Nudge gives your customers another reason to click “buy” without leaving the page. By showing that a product is scarce, you help to make your customers’ minds up.

  • Based on live data from your stock room

Custom Nudges

Custom Nudges are either created by you or based on a template. Because they are edited by the user, we always label them: Powered by Nudgify.

Editing A Custom Nudge

A Custom Nudge can be edited to say whatever you want. You can use it to help customers through a difficult process or to communicate something unique to your store. Nudgify gives plenty of Custom Nudge ideas.




Updated on March 12, 2020

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