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What is a Nudge?

A ‘nudge’ is used to describe any alteration to an environment which might lead to a change in behaviour without obstructing individuals freedom of choice. The encouragement of desirable behaviours by making subtle changes in presentation became mainstream in 2017 when the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Richard Thaler, which he won following his introduction to nudging and contribution to behavioural psychology.

Nudges are simply displayed as pop-up windows which display store data, and preset messages with information such as ‘28 people have recently viewed this product’. Through the creation of persuasive notifications, Nudgify ensures your store is always optimizing; the algorithms continually assess which notification is performing best on each page. This helps store owners feel relaxed that Nudgify is always working to improve stores revenues.

If store owners want to boost their conversion rates, Nudgify recognises each stage of the sales funnel (Homepage, product page, category page, basket page and confirmation page) and suggests the optimal notifications. On the results, page store owners can see how each notification is performing, and indicate how much they have earned with Nudgify.

What type of notifications are available in Nudgify?

There are various persuasive notifications that can be used in conjunction with nudging:

  • Free Delivery Nudges based on Pain of Paying
    Incentivise purchases with free delivery target.
  • Order Soon Nudges based on Urgency
    Introduce a time limit, creating a sense of urgency to encourage a quick conversion.
  • Stock and FOMO Nudges based on Scarcity
    Low stock alerts emphasise scarcity, nudging hesitating visitors into paying customers.
  • Recent Activities Nudges based on Social Proof
    Let people know how popular your products are.
  • Custom Nudges
    Build unlimited custom made nudges for your site in seconds.
Updated on October 2, 2019

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