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Stripe Integration (Coming Soon)

Stripe is a payment platform that allows businesses to manage payments in a safe and easy way. By connecting Nudgify with Stripe, you can create Social Proof notifications that show recent purchases on your website. 

How Do I Combine Nudgify With Stripe?

Step 1. Copy The Nudgify Webhook

To manage your integrations, click the “Integrations” button on the left-hand sidebar.

This will take you to your Integrations Page, where you manage your integrations with other apps and software. To integrate Nudgify with Stripe, click on “Stripe”.

You will see a set of instructions for registering the Nudgify Webhook in your Stripe account. Copy the webhook from the grey box.

Step 2. Paste The Nudgify Webhook Into Your Stripe Account

  • Go to your Stripe account and navigate to Webhooks using this path: > “Developers” > “Webhooks”
  • Once you arrive on the Webhooks section, select “Add Endpoint”. Paste your Nudgify webhook into the Endpoint URL field.
  • Select “customer.subscription.created” from the Events to send field and save your webhook by clicking “Add endpoint”.

Step 3. Create Real-Time Purchase Notifications

Congratulations! Your Stripe account is now linked to Nudgify. It’s time to start showcasing recent purchases!

  • Go to the Nudges page, pick an Audience, and click “Add Nudge”.
  • Choose the Recent Activity Nudge to add these Nudges to your targeted pages.
  • You can track how these Nudges perform from your Analytics page.
Updated on December 17, 2019

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