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What Happens If I Have More Unique Visitors Than My Plan Supports?

If you reach the number of visitors included in your plan, your Nudges will simply stop appearing on your site. They will show again at the start of your new billing cycle. On your Plans & Billing page, you can see how many visitors you have left and when your billing cycle renews.

We will not upgrade your plan automatically and you will not be billed extra when you reach your limit. However, if you choose to upgrade, you can do this at any time. We will send you an email if you get close to your limit, so you know when it’s time to upgrade to a larger plan.

If you are not ready to upgrade, you can consider buying a Visitor Boost: a one-off purchase of extra credits. Visitor Boost credits are valid for an unlimited amount of time, and ideal if you only occasionally need more than your monthly visitor limit.

Do Unused Visitors Roll Over To The Next Month?

Unused visitor credits do not roll over to the next month. You start every month with the number of monthly visitors included in your plan. There is one exception: Visitor Boost credits.

When you purchase a one-off Visitor Boost, the extra credits added to your Organization are valid for an unlimited amount of time. Visitor Boost credits roll over to the next month again and again until they are all used up. Read more about Visitor Boost credits

How Do You Calculate Unique Visitors?

Every person who visits your website is a Unique Visitor. If the same person visits your website multiple times, or visits multiple pages on your website, we still count them as 1 Unique Visitor. We keep track of Unique Visitors with cookies. As long as a person visits your site with the same device and browser, does not visit your site in an incognito window and does not clear their cookies, they will be counted only once.

What if I have a low visitor count on my website?

Of course you can use Nudgify even with a low visitor count. Nudges like the review nudge allows you show reviews of your product/service from other sites, the FOMO and urgency nudge urges your customers to purchase sooner than later, and you can also have custom nudges to prompt customers with messages like “Best price guaranteed” or “You are three steps away from completing this order”; which drives traffic to your site. Read more about the different types of nudges.


Updated on March 24, 2023

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