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Data Discrepancies in Google Analytics: Why & How to Fix It

Google Analytics shows 10,200 visitors. Nudgify shows 8,700 visitors. Mixpanel reports 9,300. This list of data discrepancies can go on forever.

It’s easy to get frustrated by data discrepancies. But experts suggest that a 5% variance is acceptable.

If Google Analytics is your primary source of analytics data, you might want to compare with the numbers of visitors tracked by Nudgify and if you get anything above 5% that might suggest a few things:

Do you compare Unique visitors?

Nudgify tracks Unique Visitors, while Google Analytics may show you Sessions or even Total visitors.

May sure you compare Apples with Apples = Unique Visitors with Unique Visitors

Are you checking the same date range?

Make sure to compare over the full date range as shown in the Nudgify Analytics. Having a 1 day difference over 3 days might result in a 30% difference.

Also note that the comparison date range should be long enough to include a decent amount of data.

On which pages did you install the pixel?

Your Google Analytics is certainly tracking all visitors from all the pages of your website.

If you decided to install the Nudgify pixel on a few pages, then only a part of your visitors will be tracked by the Nudgify Analytics.

In that case, you will need to drill down in Google Analytics and compare with only the pages that Nudgify can track, over the same period of time.

I still can’t match the data

In that case, feel free to reach out via our Chat support, we will be happy to assist you.

Updated on March 27, 2024

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