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How can I A/B test my Nudges?

Adding Nudges to your website can increase your conversion rate by up to 15%. If you want to go through a testing process of the uplift of your Nudges on your site, you can do an A/B test.

Nudgify does not have a built in A/B testing feature, but you can easily test your Nudges with A/B testing software. In this article, we show how you can A/B test your Nudges with Convertize.

How does A/B testing your Nudges work with Convertize?

When you start your free Convertize trial, you can create an experiment and make changes to your website in the Convertize editor.

To test your Nudges, you remove your Nudgify Pixel from your website and paste it in the JavaScript box in the Convertize editor instead. This way, the Pixel and your Nudges are only added to variation of your site and not to the original.

  • Click ‘Javascript’ on the bottom menu.
  • Paste the Pixel in the box that pops up.
  • Remove the <script> tags
  • Click ‘Save and close’ and that’s it!

ab test nudges

Now you have added your Nudges to the variation of your page. You can now launch your A/B test and see how your Nudges are performing on your website!

Updated on November 9, 2021

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