Custom Nudge

Custom Nudges allow you to show any message, anywhere on your store. You can use them to help customers through a difficult process or to communicate something unique to your store. Nudgify gives plenty of Custom Nudge suggestions.

Custom Nudges allow you to:

  • write your own message from scratch
  • pick a suggestion and edit it if you wish
  • choose one of our icons or upload your own image
  • insert links

Custom Nudges are either created by you or based on one of our editable suggestions. Because they are created or edited by the user, we always label them “Powered by Nudgify”, as opposed to “Verified by Nudgify”.

Create your own Custom Nudge from scratch


You can choose one of our icons or upload your own image.

Edit a Custom Nudge suggestion

Our suggestions can be edited to match your store. To edit a suggestion, you add it first and then find it in your list of Nudges. Click on it to enable editing.

Change the icon or upload an image and change the part of the message you want to change to make it match your store.

Adding a link to your Nudge offers great opportunities to increase visitor engagement on your store. In the example below, a link is added to create a cross-sell message.



Updated on June 25, 2020

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