Order Soon Nudge

An Order Soon Nudge shows an order deadline for delivery by a certain date. By giving online shoppers a time limit, you create a sense of urgency around the purchase decision, encouraging your customer to complete their order sooner rather than later.

order soon nudge

Set Your Own Deadline

The Order Soon Nudge knows what time and day of the week it is, and calculates the ordering deadline for delivery within a particular time frame (e.g. 24 hours or 1 week).

You can select how long delivery will take and what your shipping deadline is to make sure this Nudge matches your delivery terms.

order soon urgency

Add The Order Soon Nudge To Your Product Pages

This Nudge is recommended for your product pages only, as it refers to a product visible on the page online shoppers see when the Nudge pops up.

To add it to your product pages, click on the purple “Nudges” button in the Product Group in your Nudges tab.

Set Different Deadlines for Different Products

If you activate this Nudge in your Product Nudge Group, it will appear on all your product pages with the same deadline. If you wish, you can show different deadlines for different products.

Instead of adding the Order Soon Nudge to you Product Group, you should create Custom Groups for each product page or set of product pages that you wish to have different deadlines for. You can then add Order Soon Nudges with their own deadlines to each of your Custom Groups.

If you would like to this, you can follow our guide to creating Custom Nudge Groups.


Updated on December 3, 2020

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