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How To Make Your Nudges Persistent in Shopify

Nudges only show for a few seconds, but if you want, you can make your Nudges persistent. Persistent Nudges don’t disappear, but stick to your page. Sticky Nudges are more likely to be seen by your customers, which can help your store reap the maximum benefits of the Social Proof and FOMO messages you display.

How to make a Nudge persistent in Shopify

For each Nudge you add to your store, you have the option to make that Nudge persistent on your page. This means that you can decide exactly which of your Nudges you make sticky, and which ones you don’t.

To make a Nudge persistent:

  • Edit the Nudge by clicking on it.
  • Toggle the button in the configuration screen that now opens,
  • Click “Save and close”
  • Click the purple “Save” button in the top right of the app to save your changes.

make nudges persistent

Let visitors close persistent Nudges

When showing persistent Nudges, you may still want to offer customers the option to close the Nudge. In the Styles tab, you can set whether you want to let visitors close Nudges or not.

close nudges social proof

If you don’t enable the close button, persistent Nudges will stay on the page indefinitely, without an option for your customers to dismiss the Nudge.

We recommend to enable the close button when using persistent Nudges. This way, you can add sticky Social Proof without restricting your customers in their browsing experience. The close button is available on all plans.

What if I have multiple Nudges on a page?

If you add multiple Nudges to a page, and you make one of them persistent, the Nudge sequence will show as usual, until the persistent Nudge shows. That Nudge will then stay on the page until a user closes the Nudge. If you added more Nudges to show after the persistent Nudge, these will show up after a visitor closes the persistent Nudge.

sticky social proof nudges

What if I add multiple persistent Nudges to a page?

It is also possible to add more than one persistent Nudge to the same page. In this case, the first persistent Nudge will show and stay on the page until a visitor closes the Nudge. Then the next persistent Nudge will show and stay on the page as well, until a visitor closes it, and so on.

persistent social proof

Updated on July 2, 2023

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