Creating Nudges

Here’s how you can create new Nudges on your store.

Choose Group

Choose the set of pages where you want to add your notifications and click on “Nudges”.

Add Nudge

You can add a new notification by clicking on “Add Nudge”.

Choose Notifications From The Nudge Library

You can find five types of notification in our Nudge Library:

  1. Free Delivery Nudges
  2. Order Soon Nudges
  3. Stock and FOMO Nudges
  4. Recent Activity Nudges
  5. Custom Nudge

Choose all the Nudges you need and click on them to add them on your shop.

Nudges that are already in use will be faded (so that you don’t display the same message twice).

Create Custom Nudge

If you want to create custom nudges for your site, scroll to the bottom of our Nudge Library and click on “Create New Custom Nudge”.

You can choose any of 34 preset icons or you can upload an image. The character limit for your custom message is set at 140 characters and you can add bolding, underlining and italics, insert a link or change the colour of the text.

Once done, click on “Save and close”.

To show your new custom notification on your shop, click on the “ON” button and then on “Save” on the top right of the page.

Updated on March 17, 2020

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