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Form AutoCapture

Form AutoCapture is the easiest way to capture data for Recent Activity Nudges.

How to configure Form AutoCapture

Step 1: Go to the Integrations page via the left side menu and select “Form AutoCapture”.

Step 2: Enter the URL(s) of the pages you want to capture forms on and click “Save”.


Step 1: When creating a Recent Activity Nudge, go to  “Get activity from” and choose “Form AutoCapture”.

Step 2: Click “Configure Form AutoCapture”.

Step 3: Enter the URL(s) of the pages you want to capture forms on and click “Save”.

How Form AutoCapture creates a Nudge

On pages with a form, Nudgify can track new form submissions. It captures the data submitted in the form, such as name and email address.

When you set up your Recent Activity Nudge, you can type in an “Activity description” that the Nudge will show. Make sure you choose a description that matches the form submission. Examples are “subscribed to our newsletter”, “signed up for a plan” or “started a free trial”.


  • The URL you enter must contain a form on the page. If there is no form, nothing will be captured and you Recent Activity Nudge won’t show.
  • The form must contain an email field.
  • Nudgify uses the Pixel to capture data from forms. Please make sure to install the Pixel on each page you wish to use Form AutoCapture on. If you wish to capture forms on a different domain than the one you are showing your Nudges on, make sure to install your Pixel on this domain as well.
  • The form must be wrapped in html <form> tags.
  • The submit button of your form must be inside the html <form> tags.
  • The form cannot be in an <iframe>.


You can also capture data for Recent Activity Nudges using Mailchimp.

Updated on April 27, 2020

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