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Installing Nudgify with WooCommerce

With Nudgify, you can add Social Proof and FOMO Nudges to your WooCommerce store. You can easily connect your WooCommerce store to Nudgify with our WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to install the Nudgify Pixel and connect your WooCommerce store date in one go.

Step 1: Install the Nudgify plugin on your WooCommerce site

  • In your WooCommerce dashboard, visit Plugins > Add new and search for Nudgify.
  • Click Install Now and activate the plugin after installation.

woocommerce social proof fomo

Step 2: Add the Site and API Keys

Add the Site and API Keys

You have now connected your WooCommerce store to Nudgify, and can start showing Social Proof and FOMO Nudges on your store! The Pixel is installed on your website, and your store data are being sent to Nudgify.

Step 3: Check if the Pixel is installed

You can check whether the Pixel is installed correctly by going to your Pixel page and clicking ‘Check’

Step 4: Choose WooCommerce as source when adding Nudges

The data connection allows you to show your WooCommerce data in Purchase Nudges, Low Stock Nudges, Selling Fast Nudges, and Free Delivery Nudges. When adding any of these Nudges, you can now select WooCommerce as the data source.


Updated on April 26, 2021

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