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Nudge Settings

In your Nudge Settings, you can customize the appearance and behaviour of your Nudges to match your brand. They allow you to make sure your Social Proof notifications suit your website and the way you want to talk to customers. These settings will apply to all the Nudges you use on your website.

nudge settings

Some of the settings are available for all plans, others are restricted to our larger plans. If a setting is restricted to certain plans, this is indicated with a green box displaying the smallest plan the feature is available from.

nudge settings

Select a highlight color

In the The highlight color you choose, applies to your hyperlinks and the icons you use. You can find this setting in the Appearance tab.

highlight colour

Select a position

Decide where your Nudges should appear. Most websites use Nudges in the bottom-right corner. You can find this setting in the Appearance tab.


To avoid overlapping with the other plugins that you are using, you can experiment with different positions and adjust the vertical and horizontal offset.

nudge offset

Select an animation style

You can adjust the way your Nudges appear by choosing which kind of animation to use. You can find this setting in the Appearance tab.


Adjust timings

In the Behaviour tab, you can adjust how long Nudges show, how quickly they appear after one another and add an initial delay to your Nudges.


With Standard timings, the first Nudge shows after 3 seconds, each Nudge is displayed for 6 seconds, and the time between Nudges amounts to 5 seconds.

With Accelerated timings, the length of all timings is 75% of the Standard timings.

When selecting Custom timings, you can manually choose the display time, the time between two Nudges, and the delay for the initial Nudge.

advanced timings

Loop Nudges

Decide whether you want to put a Stream on repeat by toggling the “Loop Nudges” button. You can find this setting in the Behaviour tab.

Your Nudges are shown on your website in the order that you have arranged them in your Nudge Stream(s). When you toggle the “Loop Nudges” button, your first Nudge in the Stream will begin to show again after the last Nudge of that Stream has been shown to this unique visitor. This will go on until the visitor has left your site again.

This function is helpful if you only have a limited number of Nudges per Stream or if the visitors on your website have a considerably long browsing session.

Close Nudges

Decide whether you want to let customers close your Nudge by toggling the “Close” button. You can find this setting in the Behaviour section of your Nudge Settings.

This will allow the visitors of your website to close your Nudges. When they hover over your Nudges, a small cross in the top right will show up with which they can click the message away. New Nudges of your Stream will again begin to show after a pause of 5 seconds.

The function can be helpful if your pop up Nudge covers an area of your website that your visitor just wanted to read for example.

Limit Nudges per session

In the Behaviour tab of your Nudge settings, you can set a Nudge limit per session. This allows you limit the number of Nudges a visitor sees during their browsing session.

By default, we show your visitors an unlimited number of Nudges. To set a limit, toggle the button ON. Now enter the maximum number of Nudges you want to show in the text field. You can enter any number from 1 to 99. Toggle the button off again if you wish to show an unlimited number of Nudges.

limit nudges per session
We define a session as follows:

a continuous period of user activity on the site, where successive events are separated by no more than 1 hour.

In practice, this means that as long as visitor browses your site without taking breaks that are over 1 hour, they stay in the same session. When a visitor leaves and returns after more than 1 hour, a new session starts.

Make your Social Proof Nudges more anonymous

The Popularity and Recent Activity Nudges collect and shows information about your visitors. By default, Nudgify shows the location of visitors, and for each recent activity, it also shows the name and picture.

On the Plus, Genius, and Agency plans, you can change these default settings and make your Social Proof Nudges more anonymous. You can do this in the Message tab.

message social proof

Find out more about making your Social Proof Nudges more anonymous.

Remove the Nudgify branding

On the Genius and Agency plans, you have the option to remove the Nudgify branding. You can do this in the Message tab. Scroll down to ‘Nudgify branding’ and toggle off to remove the branding.

Choose a language

Nudgify displays notifications in 30 languages. In the Language tab, you can select the language you need.

nudge language essential


Updated on November 22, 2021

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